Flight MS804 "Was On Fire BEFORE It Crashed"

Leaked data has emerged indicating that Flight MS804 was one fire before it crashed, as smoke alarms were sounding for a full two minutes before it began its downward descent. Meanwhile relatives, friends and colleagues (left) of the EgyptAir crew wept and consoled each other as they gathered for an emotional service at the Al Sedeq mosque near Cairo Airport where the doomed jet had been due to land. The father of co-pilot Mohamed Mamdouh Ahmed Asem was overwhelmed by messages of condolence. Ahmed Asem (top right), the father of co-pilot Mohamed Mamdouh Ahmed Asem (top inset) was overwhelmed by messages of condolence as the Imam led prays for their salvation. Meanwhile, at another heart-rending service, Bahgat Shoukair (bottom right), the father of Captain Mohamed Said Ali Ali Shoukair (bottom inset) collapsed in grief for his missing son. The vigils were held as search crews revealed they had found a severed arm, luggage and a two-mile-long oil slick in the Mediterranean close to where the Airbus A320 vanished, dealing a devastating blow to families holding out a glimmer of hope their loved ones may have survived the crash.