Ik Ogbonna Said Being Handsome Has Its Disadvantages

IK Ogbonna had his first car in 2013 and it was a 2007 Toyota Camry ‘Muscle. The handsome actor has narrated how he was embarrassed while driving this highly prized vehicle then. The car had helped him cut expenses but there was one incident he can never forget in a hurry while driving the car.

He said “I had been using taxis a lot, which causes one to spend a lot unconsciously. Having the car really cut down my expenses. I tinted the windows soon after I bought the car. I am a very careful driver so I never crashed the car ;in terms of servicing, the oil and oil pump were the first things I changed. He also said his most embarrassing moment was once when he wanted to drive through a toll gate,  he left home without money, only his  ATM card. When he got to the toll gate, he was told that there was no POS machine and he was turned back.”

He doesn’t agree that being a handsome guy has really help him that much “I would not say it has worked to my disadvantage because I believe that everything that happens to you in life is for a reason. I count everything as a learning process; things cannot be smooth all the time. Life is a story and as you tell it, there would certainly be elements of good and bad things, so I cannot really say that I have had any bad encounter as a result of my looks. There are a few trivial things that I can say happened to me for being a pretty boy. For instance, I could go to visit someone and people in the place would not be comfortable with having me around probably due to inferiority complex or insecurity issues but at the same time you just have to live your life and be yourself.”