26 Year Old Die During Mastubation

A 26-year-old man  who was performing  solo sex on himself was found dead in his room.

The student was reported to have  died of auto-Intimate asphixation in front of his laptop.

The deceased known as Christopher Harrold was found hanging in the corner of his bedroom after being absent for several days in Redland, Bristol, England.

It was reported that the 26-year-old had  pleasured himself and said to have strangled himself as a way of ireasing sexual excitement by restricting oxygen flow to the brain.

According to police reports, a laptop and mobile phone was found near his body in his room.

Although no further details about his death were given.Post mortem examination as well as the circumstances around the death pointed at auto-Intimate asphixation as the cause of death.

Days before tragedy Mr Harrold moved into his new house which he shared with his three close friends and was in good spirits, according to his family. That’s why his neighbours noticed his absence only two days after his bizarre unintentional suicide.

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