Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom

I am a stay at home mom of three kids ages 1, 5 and 7. I actually work from home on my blog. Though blogging is not an easy task because it takes a lot of time. I do most of my writings when the kids are sleeping.

Here is my daily activities

I wake up for the day around 6.30am. I make my bed before I leave my bedroom, have my bath.
7.00am Make breakfast for hubby
7.30am I prepare my older kids ready for school.
8.00am My 13months old baby wakes up, takes breakfast.
8.30am  Bubble bath for my 13months old baby.
9.00am Activity lesson for the baby
10.00am Nap time for the baby
11.00am Lunch time for the baby
1.00pm My quiet time
2.30pm Pick up time for my older kids. Once the older kids gets back from school,  we make lunch for everyone and play for the afternoon. My kids doesn't joke with their afternoon show after school(Furchester Hotel,  Peppa pig,  I can cook and transformer robot are their favorite cartoon).
3.30pm We have snacks (all 3 kids) and immediately start homework.  We work on mathematics, reading and writing.
4.00pm Time for play
5.00pm  I prepare dinner for my husband while the kids take their night meal, (golden morn).  They prefer light food.
6.00pm Bedtime for the kids.
6.00pm I breastfeed my 13 months old baby before he goes to bed.
I start blogging immediately they all fall asleep.