Fan Blast Nollywood Actress

Nollywood Actress, Daniella Okeke, received the blasting of her life from fans after the Actress asked for their financial assistant for her ill colleague, Actor Leo Mezie, who needs N10m to stay alive.

Many believed that it is totally embarrassing to see rich celebrities asking the poor and pitiful Nigerians for help despite acquiring mansions, several millions of Naira worth cars, hundreds of thousands Naira worth shoes, bags, finger nails etc.

A fan took to her social media to blast Daniella Okeke squarely saying:

"Nawaooo even u @daniellaokeke? I tot ur a big girlooo... organize big chics like u na, all those designers cloth that u wear is it borrow pose? cx i dnt want to tlk of ur travels, cx mayb dey pay for it"