Nollywood Actress Attempts Suicide After Been Jilted By Fiance

Popular Nollywood Actress was reported to have attempted suicide after she was dumped by her Abuja based lover.

According to reports, Ruth Eze who went visiting her man in Abuja  only to discover that he has been having affair with her close friend and colleague in the entertainment industry.

The source said:"Ruth couldn't stand the pain because she had thought that her lover had forgiven her after she was slammed with lesbianism scandal. To make matters worse, they had been making plans to go pay her bride price this coming Christmas and her family members have approved the marriage. The relationship is over 4 years old.

"After she saw her friend in her fiance's arms, Ruth was stuck in her hotel room for over 24 hours. She was not picking her calls. It was later discovered that she had bought overdose of sleeping pills in attempt to take her life but for the timely intervention of another actress who had accompanied her to Abuja.

That her friend is suspected to have poisoned the mind of Ruth's husband-to-be to abandon her. She  is husband-snatcher, that is what is reigning in Nollywood now. They snatch and brainwash people's lovers, even husbands" the source squealed.