(photos) Soldiers Pluck Out Eye Of FRSC Official Who Pleaded Mercy For Tortured Victim

An official of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Segun Enikuemehin, who reportedly dared to challenge some military men who were attacking a civilian to stop from such a despicable act is currently at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) with one of his eyes totally destroyed.

The incident was said to have taken place on Sunday afternoon when Mr. Enikuemehin came across  military men attacking an helpless civilian.

According to source, Enikuemehin was sure that the military men would beat the man to death if nothing was done. He was said to have walked up to the angry soldiers and begged that they let the man go or hand him over to the police if he had committed a crime.

The military men who would not take such boldness from anybody descended on the Good Samaritan. They started beating him mercilessly as well.

But not even the beating from the soldiers would discourage him.  Mr Enikuemehin tried during  his own beating to save the already battered man, whom he  took to the Adekunle Police station at Ebute Metta.

Mr. Enikuemehin was said to have led some policemen back to the scene of the incident. Immediately the soldiers saw him in the company of the policemen, they became more furious and descended on Mr. Enikuemehin mercilessly during which they plucked out his eye.

The damaged eye was said to have been picked from the ground and the man was rushed down to the General Hospital. He was rejected as soon as he arrived the hospital. The man reportedly asked that he be taken to LUTH.

Meanwhile, the soldiers, upon realizing what they had done, were said to have taken to their heels but were overtaken by residents and handed over to the police.

The story got messier when a relative of the stabbed Federal Road Safety Officer went back to the police station  discovered that the military men had already been released by the police. While trying to digesting the development, one of the accused soldiers strolled into the station in the company of a senior officer who was identified as Captain Okoli.

Mr. Enikuemehin’s Uncle, Prince Ojatunwse Oluwajoba, said the DPO of Adekunle Police Station had informed him when he got there that the soldier who stabbed his nephew had been handed over to the military authorities. He said that soldier, who had been in civilian clothes when the incident happened, arrived at the police station with Captain Okoli to collect his identity card and other personal effects that had been taken from him at the station.

According to Mr. Oluwajobaa, doctors at LUTH are now saying his nephew’s left eye has been completely destroyed and that the second eye might be affected as well if proper medical care is not given.