(Photos) Usain Bolt Caught In Bed With A Sexy Student

Usain Bolt has been spotted "dirty dancing" with a woman in a Rio club, just days after his sister declared he was ready to settle down with his long-term girlfriend.

According to daily mail,  20 year old woman known as Jady Duarte has shared photos of what appear to be her in bed with Olympic legend Usain Bolt on whatsapp. 

Jady shared pictures which appear to show Bolt curled up in bed with her at 7am local time this morning.

She added: "I just sent it to the group of my girlfriends and said 'who only saw the Olympics will know who he is'."

In one photo a topless Bolt appears to hug Jady, wearing a white vest, from behind while the other looks like he is kissing her on the cheek.

The pictures were shared by the Brazilian student and have appeared on several news outlets in her home country including El Globo.