Leo Mezie Returns To Nigeria After Kidney Treatment In London

Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie,  who was down with kidney related disease and needed N10m to undergo a kidney transplant is back in the country after a successful kidney treatment in London.

Recall,  5 months ago,  when the actor was down with the disease,  they were able to raise N1.2m after one month. Thankfully,  good spirited Nigerians which includes his fans and colleagues were able to raise the fund needed.

Mezie is back in the country, looking healthy. The CO of Effixzzy magazine,  Ani Amatosero who spotted him upon arrival,  took a picture with him and shared the news on her page.

Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Guess who is back? Healthy and healthy and healthy. It's Leo Mezie. Welcome back papi. This testimony na big one. The healing is divine# 1st to see you, I tap into this testimony #