10 Things To Avoid As A Guest In A Naija Wedding

Weddings are filled with loving memories of family and friends. For the bride and groom, it's a treasured moment to celebrate their union with loved ones. For the invited guest, it can descend into an alcohol fueled excuse to cry. Some fight and even criticise.

Here are 10 things you must avoid as a guest in a Naija wedding.

1. Don't ignore the dress code.
2. Don't talk during the ceremony.
3. Don't show up empty-handed.
4. Don't complain about the food or  
5. Don't show up late.
6. Don't be demanding.
7. Don't mess yourself up with
    excess alcohol.
8. Don't cry during the ceremony.
9. Don't share photos without permission.
10. Don't be overly flirtatious.

Photo credit: Naij.com