Check Out Mammal Which Can Survive Without Oxygen

Scientists are once again surprised about one of the world most bizarre and remarkable animals known as Naked mole rat.

This animal is known to be coldblooded, resistant to cancer, feeling pain and can even live ten times longer than a mouse.
Mole rat is said to be one of the oddest looking mammals on the planet.
Scientists believes these weird creatures can survive without oxygen by using a different method of creating energy in their bodies.
Gary Lewin of Max Delbruck center for molecular Medicine made this known to CNN that Naked mole rats are very social animals and typically live in underground colonies of up to 200 in East Africa.
He also said these mammals are generally similar to mice but not different to humans. These tiny animals use fructose to stay alive could lead to new treatments for patients deprived of oxygen due to strokes or heart attacks.