Comedian Beaten Mercilessly By Policemen(pics)

A young comedian identified as Ogwo Michael C, narrated how he was beaten mercilessly by Policemen for no reason!
Below is what he wrote on his facebook profile:

"My people, yesterday was terrible. Just because I stopped in front of a man's house to greet a friend of mine his mobile security men gave me a serious beating, I was slapped and my phone was collected from my hand then smashed on the ground.
The convoy belongs to Prof. Bart Nnaji, Former Minister for Power. My eyes are still in pains as I type this.
My offense was that I parked in front of his apartment. Personally I don't know him and I never knew it was his house I only did a brief stop as I saw a friend and the next thing I heard was a hard hit on the car when I asked the young man why he did that, mobile police men rushed and started beating me and they even threatened to shoot me.
If every Nigerian starts having convoy because they can afford it, what happens to the man struggling in the street?? I personally told them I will fight with what I have, GOD NO DEY SLEEP!"