Rusticated Unilag Student Rescues Teen From Jail

A fifteen-year old Nigerian dealer imprisoned for trying to live on will now be released after former kirikiri jail inmate Femi Adeyeye and his buddies intervened.

University of Lagos (unilag) student   Adeyeye become among thirteen activists thrown in prison for status up for a blind undergraduate. Police reputedly lied on the students earlier than a hurriedly constituted Lagos  mobile court.
“We had fun,” Adeyeye told newsroom after regaining freedom.
However he additionally noticed what made him sad. He met some of Nigerians, some of them young adults, he believed were unnecessarily jailed. one of these is Sunday who's just 15 years old.
“Sunday became a sufferer of the cellular court rip-off just like i used to be a few weeks ago,” Adeyeye stated.
“Whilst we got to the location that looks like a residence in which he lives, his pals and guardians claimed that they've been seeking out Sunday for the beyond one month and have resolved in their minds that he has been abducted.
“Curiously sufficient, sunday is 15 years old and he became still imprisoned.
“That is to reveal how desperate the lagos country authorities is with regards to generating cash (from minor offences). Greater findings would be let loose soon.
“There could be an distinct interview with Sunday and others whilst released, very soon.
“Funny sufficient, no sooner had we left the prison backyard than sunday saw his buddy, friday taken into jail after being arrested by way of KAI
“There are many sundays in prison. this nonsense need to prevent!”
Adeyeye celebrated his birthday at kirikiri jail on saturday, april 22.
Sunday became released to Adeyeye after activists paid the quality a courtroom ordered the youngster to pay. He became thrown in jail for not being capable of pay the quality. the authorities generates cash from such fines.
Source : newsroom