38 Things Naija Husbands Should Stop Doing

1. Stop appearing just like the warfare is received in pursuing and studying your wife. Have amusing collectively, much like you used to do earlier than you walked down the aisle.

2. If your spouse is a stay-at-home mom, prevent treating her like her work in the course of the day is by hook or by crook less strenuous or less important than yours.
3. Forestall coming domestic from work and plopping in front of the television for the night time, leaving your wife to endure the obligation for the entirety else taking place within the domestic.
4. Stop running so much. Find a wholesome stability between paintings and own family.  Your spouse might instead have you than a massive house, best vehicle, and many others.
5. Prevent acting like you’re listening whilst you’re clearly looking tv.
6. Stop allowing the non secular leadership of the circle of relatives to default in your wife.
7. Stop being passive when it comes to disciplining and training your children.
8. Prevent pronouncing you realize and recognize what your wife is announcing or feeling while you haven’t even listened to what she has to mention.
9. Forestall being a closed book.  Divulge heart's contents to your spouse.  Don’t be afraid to show emotion.
10. Prevent permitting your role as leader inside the domestic to be an excuse for egocentric conduct.  Don't forget that a true leader also serves.
11. Forestall dishonoring your wife by criticizing her in front of your kids or in public.
12. Whilst you spouse irritates you, don’t solution proper away. As a substitute matter to ten and keep in mind that she is a gift from god.
13. Prevent the usage of your size and energy and anger to intimidate your wife and kids.
14. Stop using the word “divorce” for your vocabulary.
15. Don't shrink back from difficult conversations together with your wife.
16. Prevent pronouncing you’ll do something after which procrastinating.
17. Don’t buy any predominant object without first discussing it with your wife.
18. Don't allow your eyes to linger on lovely ladies who skip with the aid of. You cannot help the first appearance; it is that second, longer appearance that you want to avoid.  (and if your wife is with you, don’t misinform her and say you didn’t see that girl.  simply admit you looked.)
19. Stop thinking, i realize greater than my wife. you and your spouse will every have extra knowledge than the other in sure areas.
20. Don’t anticipate you already know what your wife is wondering. Ask her how she is feeling and why.
21. While your spouse tells you about a trouble she’s having, don’t right now try to solve it. She may additionally simply need you to listen to her.
22. Stop the sarcasm.  You may be seeking to sound humorous, however you’re handiest reducing down your spouse.
23. Stop treating your spouse like a child. Understand that God has given her a wealth of experience and information that you need.
24. Forestall performing like God and seeking to manipulate your wife.
25. Forestall stating her errors and requesting motives. doing these things can make her sense like a failure.
26. Never casually or disrespectfully communicate to other men approximately sex along with your wife.
27. Prevent telling your spouse that she is supposed to “put up” to you.  if she isn't always following you, which means you’re not leading her as christ loves the church.
28. Stop feeding your sexual desires from any supply other than your spouse.
29. Don’t be by myself with any lady who isn't always your wife or related to you.
30. Stop discussing deep-stage troubles with a female who isn't always your wife or associated with you.
31. Stop deceiving your wife approximately your budget.
32. Don’t appearance up old girlfriends on facebook.
33. Stop putting various on how frequently you ought to experience sexual intimacy.
34. Forestall acting as when you have a gps programmed into your brain.  Earlier than you move somewhere along with your spouse, get the proper address and find out the way to get there.  In case you are misplaced, don’t hesitate to get directions—out of your telephone map, even from a person.
35. Don’t make a laugh of your spouse to different guys.
36. Don’t permit man-handiest sports (like gambling golf, basketball, and many others.) to rob you of enjoyment time with your wife and kids.
37. Stop watching for your spouse to do all of the housekeeping.
38. Forestall saying, “honey … can you get the kids to be quiet?” when the kids are being monsters. Rise up and cross quiet them down your self.