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Saidi Balogun Begs Colleagues To Opt For Health Insurance

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Veteran actor, Saidi Balogun, has come out to beg his Nollywood colleagues for the need to opt for health insurance following the death of veteran actors Olumide Bakare, Moji Olaiya and Pastor Ajidara.

According to Balogun, the inability of some of his colleagues to get health insurance is responsible for their premature death. He also stated that if the Nigeria House of Representatives pass bills that would effectively stop piracy, then actors will able to live better lives.

“People die but because we are in the public eye, death of actors resonates more. Two million people can die but nobody would write about them unlike when actors die. People die everyday. It is not we not checking ourselves, it happens but I am begging all actors to work on their health. I was supposed to celebrate my birthday from May 24 to 26 but I postponed it in honour of our fallen colleagues.

The reason why most actors solicit for funds when they are ill is because of lack of health insurance and we should talk to insurance companies about that. If you are making our money now, we should look at health insurance policy for future sake.

I keep begging that the House of Representatives pass hard laws on piracy because if we are making good money, we would be able to subscribe to insurance policies. If I am making N500,000 and the school fees of my daughter is N600,000, where would I see money for insurance? It is the people that are not passing hard laws on piracy that are killing us”, he said to Punch.

He also stated that he has an health insurance plan for over four years.

“I have an insurance policy as the President of The Golden Movies Ambassadors of Nigeria. I have been on an insurance policy for four years.”

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